Design Talk at the Landesvertretung Rheinland Pfalz

On may 26 2015 the Designforum Rheinland-Pfalz together with the ministry for economy, climate protection and energy organized the DesignTalk 2015 in the embassy of Rheinland Pfalz in Berlin – an exhibition and public debate about the future challenges in the design profession. Guests on the podium were the secretary of the ministry Uwe Hüser, the director of the Gutenberg Museum Annette Ludwig the designer Silvia Gessinger and Florian Pfeffer.


New identity for Kunsthalle Bremen

one/one and the Berlin based design studio m23 will design the new identity for the renonwed Kunsthalle Bremen. The new identity will be released on occasion of the opening of the exhibtion "Letztes Jahr in Marienbad" in fall 2015.


Jury Most Beautiful German Books

Florian Pfeffer has been appointed a jury member for the "Most Beautiful German Books" awarded by the Stiftung Buchkunst. The jury meeting will take place in Frankfurt on May 13, 2015. Out of all submissions a set number of 25 books will be selected for the award. These 25 books are nominated for the »Preis der Stiftung Buchkunst«, which comes with a prize money of 10.000 Euro for the most beautiful book of 2015.


MfG Gold Award for To Do

The book "To Do" written and designed by one/one wins the Gold Award at this years MfG Awards. The MfG Award is a design award dedicated to excellence in print design. Known for its unusual categories (emotion, smartness, ecologic impact, simplification, individuality and young bloods) the award is organized by the Bundesverband Druck und Medien (bvdm). The Gold Award in the category smartness has been handed over on occasion on of the Frankfurt Book Fair to Florian Pfeffer and the two publishers Karin and Bertram Schmidt-Friderichs by the president of bvdm Wolfgang Poppen.


Florian Pfeffer at Typo Berlin Conference

Florian Pfeffer will speak at Europes largest design conference "Typo Berlin", May 15-17 2014 at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin.

At the conference Florian Pfeffer will present his new book "To Do: Die neue Rolle der Gestaltung in einer veränderten Welt" to be realeased at VERLAG HERMANN SCHMIDT MAINZ in May 2014


Florian Pfeffer on Board of Editors of "Journal of Communication Design"

The Journal of Communication Design is an international, peer-reviewed publication featuring theoretical, historical and applied research in communication design, exploring both analogue and digital forms. Supervising Editor will be Teal Triggs, Associate Dean, School of Communication, Royal College of Art, London.



Annual report of Messe Frankfurt wins Mercury Award

The annual report of Messe Frankfurt has been awarded for its illustrations as well as for its writing at the 2013/2014 Mercury Award. The illustrations are designed as interactive graphics which allow an intuitive overview over all activities of the Messe Frankfurt from the past year. ONLINE VERSION


Book Publication "Corporate Identity & Corporate Design"

In a contribution to the new edition of the beststeller „Corporate Identity & Corporate Design“ Florian Pfeffer challenges the way we are creating brands and identities as we live in a new reality of social, economic and technological change.

Corporate Identity & Corporate Design
Hrsg.: Matthias Beyrow, Petra Kiedaisch, Norbert W. Daldrop; avedition
Das Neue Normal, Page 26 - 33


Rethinking public space

The "Buergerpark" (citizen's garden) is a true public space since it is founded, owned, run and financed by the citizens of Bremen themselves. Taking the "citizen's garden" as a mental model and a physical hub, we will work on new ways to engage people in a civic society. Consequently raising awareness not only for the park itself but also for the political and the social idea it stands for.

one/one will lead an international and interdisciplinary team of young talents in design, architecture and cultural sciences brought together by the BRENNEREI - future lab" to solve problems faced by companies or public institutions.


Swap up Shop Los Angeles

The Swap-Up shop is a collective idea of Kali Nikitas, Florian Pfeffer and Rick Vermeulen and has been realized together with Amsterdam based designer Anja Groten. Along with a team of MFA students the shop concept, visual identity and performative aspect of the Swap-Up-shop have been created so that the shop now can travel around the world.

Mediamatic - the Amsterdam based media foundation - has written an ONLINE ARTICLE on the event ... thanks for that.


Learning in Loops

Interview with Florian Pfeffer in the art magazine "Monopol" on concepts and projects at the University of Art and Design in Karlsruhe.

Download PDF


Interview with Florian Pfeffer on Nordwestradio

In the interview with German radio station Nordwestradio Florian Pfeffer is talking about one/one, Saudi Arabia and design education.



New Website for opera Nikola

The new website for the 4d sound opera "Nikola" is online. The website offers an interactive audio environment as a glimpse into future performances. "Nikola" is an experimental music performance which is based on a 4d sound system and allows the audience to experience sound in a spatial manner. one/one together with the Berlin based designers from "The Product" is currently creating a visual instrument which will be part of the opera to be launched in the coming year.



Social Media: the fun of loosing control

Social media is the place to be for almost any company or organisation ... but why? And how? Social Media has put the world of communication upside down. It is not the companies anymore sending their messages to a compliant audience. The audience has taken over and talks about companies and brands (or not). To survive in this environment and be successfull in its communication companies have to accept this new model and look different at their audiences.

September 15 | 6:30 pm | Marketing-Club Wuppertal MORE INFORMATION


Florian Pfeffer is the new project leader at the Designlabor Bremerhaven.

For the next 6 months Florian Pfeffer will lead a team of six desigerns from different disciplines to develop an innovative internet strategy for the manufacturer of sliding doors "raumplus".

The Designlabor Bremerhavenis a unique institution in the German design landscape. Every year, the Designlabor awards scholarships to young European designers who have obtained degrees in product design, communication design or architecture.


Identity for a new city quarter

The quarter "Neues Hulsbergviertel" is to be planned and build within the coming 10 years. An extensive participation process is set up to allow citizens of Bremen to contribute to the new quarter.

Instead of a conventional logo one/one has designed an open template for people to talk to each other and document ideas: "The Neues Hulsbergviertel should ..., but ....". Beyond a website the process will be documented on-site with special street furniture to trigger response and debate. WEBSITE


"Where do we start? Act - change - tackle"

The world is on fire. Crisis is normality. Oil peak, clash of cultures, financial meltdowns ... there is no shortage of doomsday scenarios nowadays. We have to do something about it. But: Where do we start? The guests on the panel will be Adrienne Göhler (former president of University of Fine Arts of Hamburg and former Senator for Science, Research and Culture of Berlin), Mark Scheibe (musician) and Florian Pfeffer. The event will take place on March 10, 7 pm at the Stauerei in the Überseehafen in Bremen.


Visual instrument for technopera "Nikola"

one/one - together with Berlin based firm "the product" - have been comissioned to develop a generative visual instrument as part of the 4-d-sound opera "Nikola" by hungarian composer Paul Oomen. The visual instrument is a computer based tool which allows to translate different kinds of input (sound, text, images ...) into interactive light spaces. "Nikola" is an electronic opera about the famous inventor and engineer Nikola Tesla and will see its premiere in fall this year.


Website for Product Design Department of Deutsche Telekom

one/one has been comissioned to conceptualize and design a website for the product design department of the Deutsche Telekom.


Florian Pfeffer speaks at "Typo Berlin"

TYPO BERLIN is Europe’s most important regularly scheduled design conference. Each year, the conference is dedicated to a thematic motto. TYPO Berlin 2011 is named »SHIFT«. To shift is to pick up speed, to push the envelope, to change your perspective. All three are useful strategies for TYPO 2011, in order to bring visual communications in line with the latest developments in technology.


23plusone: the science of brand appeal

23plusone is a large scale scientific study started in 2006 by Dr Kim Cramer and Alexander Koene together with the brand consultancy brnd in Hilversum, NL. For the study 24 fundamental human drives have been identified as the basis of a methodology of mixing and matching to create appealing tensions within brands. one/one has created an online version and visualisation tool for 23plusone which allows users to find out about their drives in life. Make your own 23plusone profile HERE


Jury for FIFA world cup poster

On occasion of the FIFA women's world cup in Germany next year the FIFA and BDG (german design association) have invited design students and professionals in germany to design a poster to promote the event. Florian Pfeffer (one/one) will sit on the jury to select three finalists which will run in a germanwide public voting for the first prize (and publication). Download the call for entries below ...

Download PDF


one/one goes Saudi Arabia

one/one has been commissioned to develop a brand system and several websites for the Al Nasser Group in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The Al Nasser Group is active as a project developer, lighting manufacturer and distributor in the construction segment. The new brand strategy is to internationalize the activities of the group as well as strengthen its position in a booming home market. The decision to work with one/one has been made for its strategic advisory competence and its extensive experience in the lighting market.


book release "generative design" with one/one projects

"generative design" is design which is made through programming - or better: design created by making software as opposed to design created by using software. For a few years now, generative design has been an insider tip at media art festivals and conferences. Now there is a fantastic book on the subject featuring our project poetry on the road in which we use "genarative design" already since 10 years.

the book at Verlag Hermann Schmidt Mainz


online community "open :output" launched by one/one

The community is a platform for young talents in design and architecture. open :output allows students to create their own, personal portfolio websites to bring their work to the attention of a larger public. Like that the worlds largest archive for acamedic, creative projects is about to emerge. In future open :output will extend its activities to connect talent and economy in innovation projects and to create an worldwide online conference on design and creativity.

open :output


one/one creates an online reality TV format for MySpace

The plot: Two musicians will travel for 10 days through Germany and organize with the help of mobile phones pop-up music events via MySpace. Since the musicians do not have money they need the support of their fans to eventually make it to their final destination Berlin where they are booked for a big live show. The show is developed to establish new ways for artists to communicate with their supporters, to infuse new media formats into the online social community and to let users experience the brand also in a real life environment. Music challenge on MySpace


one/one presents at SIGGRAPH in New Orleans

The Poetry on the Road posters are part of the "Information Aesthetics Showcase" gallery at the SIGGRAPH conference in New Orleans. SIGGRAPH is the most relevant conference on computer graphics and interactive techniques in the world. So it is quite an honor to have our posters included in the exhibition! The conference and exhibition opens on 3. August and runs until the 7. August.

Information Aesthetics Showcase


You cannot learn existential fear.

Florian Pfeffer writes as a guest editor in the magazine of AGD (Alliance of Graphic Designers in Germany) on design education and a need for more entrepreneurship in design.

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European campaign for DayWave by Philips Lighting takes off

DayWave is the world's first LED-enabled luminaire for general office lighting, meeting the requirements for visual comfort. The luminaire is a key innovation in the product portfolio of Philips Lighting. one/one has created a cross-media campaign containing a website, a printed brochure, online advertising and a product guide.

DayWave website