We develop strategies for companies and cultural insitutions to master the digital shift using the methods of design.

How can we help you?

Impulse events
Keynotes, Workshops, Mapping trends and areas
Where to start? Spend a day with us to find out how your digital future could look like. We bring cookies (the real ones), lot’s of inspiration and best practise examples. Together we draw a map to find out how your business is being shaped by the digital world and which technology trends could be relevant to you.

User Scenarios
Interviews, Personas, Field Research, Customer Journyes
Understand your users. The needs, dreams and routines of real people in the real world are the starting point of every successfull digital product.

Goals, Ressources, Data
Data is the gold of the digital age. But how can you turn data in insights and meaningful digital products? We help you to make sense of the data you have and identify new potentials for your business.

Digital Products / Business Models
Business Model Canvas, Value Proposition, Feasability Studies
Using the method of Value Proposition Design we work with you to develop new digital products and opportunities.

Design and Prototyping
UX / UI design, Coding
We design every aspect of your digital product. How does it work, look and feel like? Is it simple enough and what experiences do we offer to the user?

Implementation and testing
User testing, internal coaching
Does it fly? User testing and planning for internal ressources are the last step before your product is released.


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