For the architectural lighting brand Zumtobel we developed a new and unusual format for a networking event: The RE:WORK PopUp exhibition and conference on the theme of »Open Architecture«. A young team of international curators created a collection of 200 examples and projects which illustrated a new emerging practise of architecture driven by digitalisation and open frameworks. Between January and May 2015 the exhibition travelled through seven major cities in Germany. More than 1.200 visitors registered for the event which was overbooked in short time.

Every aspect of the event was designed under the rules of open design: the exhibtion itself which has been crowd-curated, the catalogue, the lectures and even the food.

The exhibition catalogue was made from single pages to be collected and composed by the visitors according to their interests. Together with the designers from »Milz« in Berlin we constructed a drawing robot to create personalized covers for the catalogue. After reading out the stacks collected by the visitors with a punch whole system the machine started to paint a personalized infographic on each catalogue with water colours. Lectures were given by international architects and experts on the subject. To allow people to make new contacts the food was served as a half dish only with the invitation to exchange ingredients with everybody in the room to enrich the food experience and get in touch with people.

The event was a huge success and provided overwhelming resonance both in the architecture press and amongst the visitors themselves.

In cooperation with the Berlin studio Fons Hickmann m23, one/one developed the new identity for the Kunsthalle Bremen. The Kunsthalle opened in 1867 with the motto »Not the generosity of a prince, not the decree of any public authority has erected it, no, our annual five taler have built it – and with pride we added: Bremen's higher education has called it back into existence.« This unconventional and liberal approach inspired the philosophy of our corporate design. An open system of type and language which creates a bold identity and is open to any kind of visual and artistic expression.

Digital networks, globalisation, collapsing eco systems and the search for a new social balance … looking back anthropologists might frame our time as the „tipping point“, a stage in which canny „surfers“ appear who understand how to ride the wave and how to shape the future.

Designers could be those analytic surfers and give our societies new impulses. They are challenging existing structures, search for new answers and cross the boundaries of disciplines. With or without an assignment they are adopting themes and give design a new meaning. But: where are these new opportunities emerging? Which strategies are leading to success? Which business models are unfolding? And what does all of that mean for design as a profession, for the design education and the image designers create of themselves?

The book „To Do“ – written by one/one partner Florian Pfeffer – looks at everyday life phenomenons, concrete examples, curiosities and positions from economy, the networked society, social sciences, art and (sub)cultures to investigate what we can learn for design at large. It is not only a book for designers but for everybody asking the question how we want to live - and how we can get there.


Messe Frankfurt is the world's largest trade fair organiser, with more than 1,800 employees in over 150 different countries.

The Annual Report 2012 is designed as a monothematic magazine around the subject of "Impulses", telling stories about innovations, curiosities and trends from customers, cultures and markets around the world. With the magazine Messe Frankfurt presents itself as a platform triggering new ideas in a vast variety of fields such as technology, retail, digital media, entertainment, fashion, mobility, leisure and many more.

The computer generated "impulse graphs" give an intuitive and comprehensive overview over all activities by making visible the numbers and relations between visitors, exhibitors and the international scope of Messe Frankfurts exhibitions.

For the first time also a dedicated ONLINE VERSION has been created as a interactive summary of the Messe Frankfurt Annual Report.

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Film for Berlin Fashion Label Issever Bahri together with art director Mody Al Khufash

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Sound machine is an interactive installation for an audience to create soundtracks by arranging their own music piece and make music together. Sounds are mixed simultaneously by several people through the use of graphic records.

Three units, which are resembling standard record players, translate concentric visual patterns into control signals for further processing in any music software. The rotation of the discs, each holding three tracks, can be synced to a sequencer.

The Soundmachines premiered on the Volkswagen New Beetle stand at the IAA motor show in late Summer 2011. In cooperation with the sounddesigner/ producer Yannick Labbé of TRICKSKI fame, we developed three unique discs, each controlling one track of an Ableton Live Set exclusively made for the Event. The show was supported by a set of realtime generated visuals, running on a 25m wide LED wall. Together with THE PRODUCT, Berlin

GSP Architects is the largest architecture studio in Northwest Germany with a specialisation in building hospitals and healthcare facilities. The identity of GSP is based on the custom made typeface "GSP Stencil" and a unique way of working with images: With the COLOUR CODE GENERATOR - an online software tool created for GSP - we convert images into abstract colour moods by rearranging the pixels of an image according to their colour. Those colour codes represent the colour moods of individual projects and are used in printed matter as well as online media.

The identity of GSP does not want to superimpose new formal layers and signs on top of the architeture. It simply reflects the content created by GSP by giving existing text and imagery a distinct and recognisable form.


The yearbook :output shows on 180 pages 82 works from students in design and architecture from around the world. The works have been selected by an international jury from more than 1.000 projects from 40 different countries. For the 14th issue we have developed a special curatorial concept: Each student whose project is published in :output has written a comment on another students' work.
(Photos: Evi Künstle)

The lighting manufacturer LUCIO presents itself for the first time at the Euroshop 2011 – the most important branch meeting for the retail trade. Simplicity being one of the core values of LUCIO the stand is all about reduction and celebrates the concentration to the essentials. This concept includes the new LUCIO catalogue which has become the smallest catalogue in the history of corporate publishing. The catalogue comes with 64 different covers each presenting an individual light mood.

The Al Nasser Group in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, is active as a distributor, lighting manufacturer and service provider in the construction business. The new brand strategy is to internationalize the activities of the group as well as strengthen its position in a booming home market. Based on a new brand architecture which brings more structure and transparency to the group all companies have now a distinct and individual identity integrated in a family approach. The identity will be complemented by a new retail concept and corporate architecture for the more than 10 lighting showrooms in the country.

23plusone is a large scale scientific study in which 24 fundamental human drives have been identified as the basis of a methodology of mixing and matching to create appealing tensions within brands. The website allows users to playfully participate in the study and learn more about their drives in life. On the website one can create a personal profile and compare the results with the results of more than 7.000 other people who have participated so far. Curious about your drives in life? Make your own 23plusone profile HERE

The VSB fonds is one of the largest donor fonds in the Netherlands. The annual report is part of a strategy to position the VSB fonds as a "social entrepreneur". The publication is also available as an online version ( where visitors get involved interactively in the content of the report. case study

Philips introduces the world's first LED based office luminaire. The campaign for the product launch is focusing on the innovative form of the luminaire and the dynamic lighting features which can be experienced on a dedicated microsite.

In 2008 public broadcast corporation Radio Bremen has opened the most modern broadcasting center in Europe. one/one has designed a signage system for the building complex.

one/one has implemented a communication strategy which serves at the same time as a source for product innovation and a tool for market forecasts. In collaboration with leading architects we develop new application opportunities for lighting products. The results are fed back into the architectural community as an invitation to co-create ...

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Lucio is a new lighting manufacturer which is set to make luminaires with a high design value at an affordable price. The company has dedicated itself to sustainability and energy efficiant lighting concepts. one/one is responsible for the corporate identity as well as the corporate design, photography, website and printed media. Lucio Website

Print advertising campaign to promote the on-air relaunch of music channel MTV Germany.

International product literature for indoor and outdoor luminaire ranges of Philips Lighting.

Together with the :output foundation one/one has developed a public relation concept to position the magazine amongst new reader groups: For each issue students of another design college are invited to design a double spread on a topic of the Greenpeace magazine.

"Nikola" is an opera and a 4d sound synthesis music piece by Paul Oomen. The website gives a glimpse on the performance to come. It is an interactive audio installation in itself and allows users to experience the music in an intuitive way. Nikola Website

The identity for the "House of Science" visualizes the dynamic character of science, stimulates curiosity and the joy of discovery. The variations of the sign are created with a software applet which draws statistical/scientific data from the internet. The change of that data over time changes the shape of the sign itself.

The annual report of Philips Lighting in Germany not only presents facts and figures but also a theme which is of a particular importance for the company. For example: "let's make things better" - the corporate claim at the time. The book tells stories about normal people who are obessesed about excellence, quality and making life a little bit better ... like the austrian Doraja Eberle who build more than 2.000 new homes for victims of the civil war in Bosnia just on her own.

The community foundation Bremen has been founded by the Senate of Bremen in order to foster the growth of the civic society in the hanseatic city. one/one has developed a corporate identity and a corporate design for the organisation based on the ideals of the famous Bremen Town Musicians. First applications are a corporate design system and a fund raising folder. A website will follow soon.

"Handwerk Bremen" is the collective professional education center for the craft industry in Bremen. one/one has developed a branding concept including a visual identity, a website and printed media.

The city of Bremen has pitched to become the Cultural Capital of Europe in 2010. The application is supported by a book which comes in two volumes: "Bremen ist" (Bremen is) draws a portrait of the city and its cultural players. "Bremen will" (Bremen wants) skteches out a vision of the future event iteslf.

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Chanel repositioning based on new brand values: creative, provocative, male.

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TV spots to inspire young poeple to take responsibility for their future.

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Designpackage for all film and image presentations.

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TV and Onlinespot describes chat rules for using the new ogo mobile phone.

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Launch campaign for the new Viva Prepaidcard.

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TV campaign to promote a new text message offer for the Viva prepaid card.