It’s an Art Match – Dating App

Your date with art

Every 9 minutes, a visitor to the Kunsthalle Bremen falls in love with a work of art.

The hybrid web app developed by one/one provides playful access to the permanent collection and the Kunsthalle’s major exhibitions. Users create an individual profile and answer seven simple questions: “City or country”, “monochrome or colorful?” or “Team dog or team cat?”

On this basis, the Art Match algorithm suggests 15 works of art that are suitable for a “date”. For example, if you have decided on “Team Dog” –  a pack animal – the app tends to match you with works that deal with social activities or display large groups.

The app also shows where in the Kunsthalle the visitor can meet the date. If the match is successful – i.e. you like the picture – users can save the match in the app or start to change with to fetch a new set of potential matches. A short, low-threshold introductory text provides users with the most important information.

The aim of “It’s an Art Match” is to enable people without in-depth prior knowledge to visit the Kunsthalle and discover works of art that might not have aroused a quick interest in passing – just like in real life, where love doesn’t always strike at first glance.