Florian Pfeffer:
»To Do«

The book about design and the digital transformation

Digital networks, globalisation, collapsing eco systems and the search for a new social balance – looking back anthropologists might frame our time as the »tipping point«, a stage in which canny »surfers« appear who understand how to ride the wave and how to shape the future.

The book »To Do« by one/one partner Florian Pfeffer has become one of the most celebrated reference books for a new approach towards design of the past years:

»Never before a design-guru has left his ivory tower to present such an impressive phalanx of new business models in front of our eyes. (…) Many of his ideas can be found – differently structured, and from an economic perspective – in the »St. Gallener Busines Model Navigator«. But Pfeffer is more visual, more creative, more disruptive and comprehensive.« – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

»To Do« is looking at everyday life phenomenons, concrete examples, curiosities and positions from economy, the networked society, social sciences, art and (sub)cultures to investigate what we can learn for design and life at large. It is not only a book for designers but for everybody asking the question how we want to live – and how we can get there.