Mobile Catalogue and Website

WE-EF is an international brand for outdoor lighting with branches in Germany, France, UK, USA, Thailand and Australia. With more than 10.000 product codes and over 2.000 accessories delivering up-to-date product data in three different languages and six regions each having their own product variations has become a challenge. As product innovation cycles accelerate printed catalogues become fast outdated, not to speak about the costs for production and distribution.

The basis of the mobile catalogue is a product information management system (PIM) which has been tailor made for the complex demands of WE-EF. Every product can be altered for particular regional needs and information is centrally stored in different languages. Products can be connected with accessories and additional media to run marketing campaigns.

The frontend of the mobile catalogue has been designed based on a thorough analysis of customer needs and the workflow of WE-EF’s sales force. Users can collect products and data in a personalized basket to be downloaded or send by Email for later use. An extended – yet simple – search functionality allows to quickly find and filter products based on typical search criterias.