RE:WORK PopUp event

The Coverbot was the star of the PopUp architecture event RE:WORK created by one/one for the lighting brand Zumtobel. Using water colours a robot created personalized catalogue covers for each visitor. The custom made graphics were based on real time data about individual interests of visitors in the exhibition’s theme »Open Architecture«.

Visitors could assemble their individual catalogue by choosing from 64 different pages featuring projects from architects, engineers, designers and artists around the world. Using a punch card system the coverbot was able to scan and read out the selected projects in each catalogue. This data then was converted into a infographic showing the projects contained in this catalogue and comparing them with the 24 most popular projects from the exhibition. The info graphic was created by the coverbot on the spot providing each visitor with a personalized cover for the exhibition catalogue.

In cooperation with milz.it/Berlin.